Inkberrow Neighbourhood Plan

Local people can now have a major say in helping to shape development in the areas in which they live. Neighbourhood Plans in the District of Wychavon can only be prepared by the Parish Council.

Neighbourhood Plans allow a partnership of neighbourhoods, including businesses, residents, and interested parties to develop policies that, subject to an independent examination and community referendum, will become part of the planning framework for land uses in their local area. This means that areas themselves have more control over development in their locality.

It is very important that all Parish residents aged 16 and over have their say, it is your opportunity to contribute to the future development of your village.

The plan begins with the residents survey.

Paper plans have been circulated, but surveys can also be completed on line at

Additional paper copies of the survey form can also be downloaded from this link.

For more information, access the survey's covering letter click here.


Inkberrow Parish Neighbourhood Plan Survey
- Deadline for completion and receipt is 7th June 2019. If you are over 16 and have already completed your survey - THANK YOU.
If you haven't yet completed your survey please Don't delay - have Your say.

Having a Neighbourhood Development Plan agreed with Wychavon District Council is very important for the future of Inkberrow Parish. The input of Parish residents forms an integral part of the process. If as residents of the Parish we don't say what we want for the future of our villages then we will get what the Planners give us!

So please complete your Neighbourhood Plan Survey 2019 without delay, Thank you. 

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